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The Veterans Administration (a.k.a Scandals Are Us)

In the wake of the 2014 wait-time scandals at the Phoenix Veterans Hospital a plethora of problems have plagued the Veterans Administration.  From Los Angeles to Atlanta the Inspector General’s Office found wide evidence that disability claims had been shredded by Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) staff.  In April, a USA Today article noted that at 40 facilities over 19 States VA Staff had systematically zeroed out wait-times, preventing the delivery of healthcare services to large numbers of veterans.

Multiple instances of suicide by veterans who had sought, in vain, to have their issues addressed appeared in the national media and VA Senior Administrators in multiple States have pleaded guilty to a wide range of offenses, from corruption and bribery to gross negligence.

The Motives Behind the Privatization Movement

Running alongside of this unending spate of scandals has been a rising tide of somewhat nebulous interests who are pushing for privatization of healthcare for the nation’s veterans. If you follow the money, however, you have to ask if the people driving the push really have the interests of veterans and their care at heart. It would seem profit is perhaps the prime mover.

Malfeasance of Administrators and the Rank and File Pay

Nevertheless, there will be some heated debates and resultant action around fiscal outlays for the institution. In the end, the administrative incompetence and malfeasance that brought us to this will not be revisited upon those responsible but upon the rank-and-file employees at the VA and veterans themselves. We, not they, will pay the cost.

VA employees from multiple facilities across the nation have begun to protest the impending push for privatization.

Workers stage picket over concern that Congress will close VA hospitals

Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 4:50 pm

Health care workers on Wednesday picketed outside the Salem VA Medical Center to let veterans know about a proposal to shutter VA hospitals and hand over their care to the private sector.

The proposal was considered and rejected in March by the Commission on Care, the group Congress charged with examining flaws to the Veterans Health Administration uncovered during the 2014 scandals.   Read More

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