Sentencing Mitigation Legislation for Combat Veterans

Rep. Bill Richardson, veterans advocate

Sentencing Mitigation Legislation for Combat Veterans

A number of States including California, Minnesota, Illinois and Texas have previously passed legislation allowing combat veterans with diagnosed, service-connected Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and related conditions to have these conditions and disorders considered as mitigating factors in during sentencing.

In North Carolina, Representative William Richardson is leading the fight to pass similar legislation. North Carolina is home to Ft. Bragg, home to US Special Forces units and other elite personnel, is a very pro-military state with large numbers of retired military personnel in residence. Passage of this legislation in the State of North Carolina would be a definitive step in the direction of recognition that justice interaction among combat veterans is often driven by what have been deemed the ‘invisible wounds’ of war.

Laws encourage alternatives to prison for veterans with PTSD

Defenders of an Army veteran in North Carolina say he thought he was fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan when he fired at police and firefighters responding to a fire in his apartment

By ANNA GRONEWOLD, Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Defenders of a former Army sergeant in North Carolina say he truly believed he was protecting fellow soldiers from a Taliban bomber when he fired 24 rounds at police and firefighters responding to a fire in his apartment.

Psychologists testified that Joshua Eisenhauer returned from Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress that made him a paranoid, hyper-vigilant insomniac, and so delusional that he drew his weapon whenever anyone came to his door in Fayetteville.

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