Man taken into custody following threats at the Raleigh-Durham VA

Raleigh-Durham, VA

Man taken into custody following threats at the Raleigh, Durham VA

A man has been arrested in Raleigh, North Carolina after he made threats against the local VA Hospital. This sort of thing has happened on numerous occasions in recent years. Given the wide level of scandal within the institution around prescribing practices, wait times, appeals processing and multiple problems with mental health services it should come as no surprise that this sort of incident takes place quite often.

This follows in the wake of combat veterans who took their lives in Iowa and Wisconsin this past week after they were turned down for mental health services.

Pender Co. man taken into custody after making threats against Raleigh VA hospital

By: WECT Staff


A man who had communicated threats against the VA hospital in Raleigh caused a temporary shutdown of Highway 210 East near Surf City on Tuesday morning.

Officers with the Surf City Police Department and units with the Pender County Sheriff’s Office responded to the residence in the 1100 block of Highway 210 East where a man had made threats against the facility in Raleigh.

Upon arrival, officers found the subject wearing a flight jacket and in possession of several magazines for a firearm.

After officers initiated contact, the subject went back into the house and remained there for an additional 20 or 25 minutes before coming.  Read More





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