Mother of arrested homeless man: Son a veteran with PTSD

Dianna Brown

Mother of arrested homeless man: Son a veteran with PTSD

The mother of a homeless man charged with assaulting a police officer Monday by the Killeen Police Department says her son is an Army veteran of Iraq and Kuwait suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dianna Evens Brown, 64, of Killeen, said her son, Jeremy Jeremiah Arrington, 31, was put on anti-psychotic drugs such as Haloperidol and Risperdal by the Army before he was medically discharged 17 months ago. The medications are used to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar disorder.

After getting the runaround from jail officials, Brown said she was given clearance from the Bell County Jail in Belton to be put on the visitor list when she told jail officials she had brought the issue to the Herald’s attention. However, she is unable to ensure he is taken care of and on his medications due to federal laws regulating release of medical information, she added.

“I want to know my son is OK, but the jail is telling me he didn’t have any paperwork filled out saying he had ever been diagnosed with a mental illness,” Brown said. “I’m trying to let them know that if he’s off his medications, then he’s in ‘survival’ mode — not everyone with a mental illness is going to act like those with a sound mind when it comes to filling out paperwork.”

Arrington was arrested on May 20, after two Killeen police officers responded to the 3000 block of Chaucer Drive to investigate a reported structure fire, according to Arrington’s arrest affidavit.

Upon arrival, the officers reported seeing a man, later identified as Arrington, standing near a small shed at the back of the structure, the affidavit said.

When the officers questioned Arrington, according to police, he became “very uncooperative and refused to answer any questions, then attempted to walk away.”

Arrington was allegedly told to remain at the scene, “which he disregarded,” police said.

An officer reportedly grabbed Arrington’s arms, at which point the man started “swinging his fists and kicking at them.” Read More

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