The Uniformed Justice and Advocacy Group (USJAG) formed out of a collaborative working relationship between its co-founders, Georg-Andreas Pogany and Robert Alvarez in 2011, formalizing what had previously been an informal collaboration. The two men, drawing on a wide range of allies, decided to form an organization that would fill a wide gap on the justice advocacy landscape in the realm of veterans. As attested by a wide range of studies from the 1980s forward, veterans who were discharged from military service under Other Than Honorable (OTH) circumstances factored heavily into the equation around the incidence of homelessness, justice interaction and the prevalence of addictive disorders. In 2015, the Uniformed Services and Justice Advocacy Group finally received its official 501©3 status. Widely recognized in national and local media venues, their work has resulted in substantive alterations to policy and process across multiple systems.