Case Review/Analysis

In order to conduct a thorough Case Analysis and Review soldiers requesting assistance from the Uniformed Services Justice & Advocacy Group (USJAG) must first provide some basic information:

–All military records documenting medical and mental health conditions and diagnoses

–All military records pertaining to misconduct separation proceeding

These records are then reviewed by the USJAG staff and, where necessary, other qualified professionals in a variety of areas of expertise. In the preliminary stage, discrepancies between the service member’s medical and mental health histories and the command-generated medical separation evaluation are identified.

Having identified inconsistencies, inaccuracies or omissions in the medical and procedural separation processes, the service member is referred to licensed community experts to assess and provide a thorough and accurate report of the complete medical conditions of the service member.

On receiving documentation and validation of service-related medical and\or psychological conditions which differ from those reflected in the official record, a comparative analysis is conducted to ensure that procedural directives and military medical policies as out-lined under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) are being followed. If it can be determined that an individual service-member’s separation is not in compliance the case may be accepted and local command will then be notified.

The service member’s medical command is also notified of the medical concerns and USJAG begins providing the command the contradicting medical evidence along with the policy violations. Many times the errors are corrected at the local level, other times they are elevated to Senior Military Command levels for further review. When persistent repetitive patterns of medical misconduct are identified, the proper Congressional committees and Congressional members are briefed on the findings.

Often, Active Duty Service Members undergoing adverse separations are medically being neglected and either under-treated or improperly treated. USJAG identifies the deficiencies and identifies and advocates for potential treatments available. Requests are made for placement to the Warrior Transition Units (WTU).

Courts Martial and Civilian Criminal Proceedings

USJAG works as an integral part of the defense team in legal proceedings, providing the defense with critical investigative tools and medicals, forensic experts and current research that is needed to defend these cases.

Successful Cases

After successful reversal of the adverse separation process, the client is directed through the retirement process and assisted in obtaining full medical benefits to include Combat related Special Compensation and Social Security Disability, when eligible. Partnering experts often assist the client through USJAG’s referral.

Veteran Services

Veterans who have undergone wrongful separations are often in need of numerous services such as Discharge upgrades, appeals to VA for care and community resources and medical care and for immediate issues facing the veteran and their family. USJAG assesses the needs, advises the client on the critically needed documentation for the legal proceedings and provides the warm handoff to partnering agencies that perform those specific tasks. These veteran cases are documented to further provide congressional staff members with proof of the growing problems with Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharges.