Dr. Howard F. Detwiler Jr, MD

As a practicing physician and psychiatrist for over twenty years Dr. Detwiler has a wealth of experience. Dr. ‘Fred’, as he’s referred to by his younger clients, has served his country as a Colonel in the US Army during Desert Storm/Shield. He has helped develop advance trauma recovery treatment for US Army veterans. A private practice and hospital directorships in California and Alaska has helped him define his vision for practicing with Bridges. He pursues treatment of adults and children at Bridges, a multidisciplinary facility based in Anchorage, Alaska with offices also in Wasilla, Alaska. Good care takes time, understanding, and compassion. Dr. Fred has focused on the medical treatment of psychiatric and psychological conditions, however he balances modern medicine with the non-pharmaceutical approach to treatment (CBT, EMDR bio-feedback, etc.). For Dr. Detwiler the pursuit of recovery comes in many forms and he wishes to participate, advise, and guide all his clients to their definition of health.